1. Over the weekend I reached the funding goal in my Kickstarter campaign! There’s still a few days left if you’d like to get involved and back the project. I made a little video to say thanks, featuring our short-lived mascot, Sparky…


  2. "I’m trying to spend less time stuck indoors staring into the aluminium-framed abyss. I want to use my Mac as a tool for the final execution of an idea, not the exploration. As someone who came into the industry after the X-Actos and Cow Gum had already been tidied away to the big studio stockroom in the sky, it’s good to keep reminding myself that design is at its best when it’s a physical act, more than a mere click-and drag. As Paul Rand told his students: “It is important to use your hands, this is what distinguishes you from a cow or a computer operator.”

    So I’ve been spending more time drawing and sketching and doodling (trust me, there are subtle but significant differences), and rediscovering life away from the cursor. More photography, less Photoshop – that sort of thing. I’m covered in inky stains and papercuts and a look of shame brought on by catching sight of my own moronic handwriting, but creating without a screen has been eye-opening and revitalising. I’m one frantic creative episode away from being that guy with a stubby pencil permanently tucked behind his ear."
    — Wise words after my own heart by Daniel Benneworth-Gray, from the July 2013 issue of Creative Review.